How should I care for my giclée print?

  • Handle your print only by the edges. The oil from your fingers can affect the PH of the paper and reduce the archival qualities. Fingerprints on dark areas will show up as sheen.
  • Avoid bending your print as a crease will become permanent.
  • When you receive your print, carefully remove all packaging tape as even the smallest piece can find its way onto your print and damage the surface.
  • Keep your print away from moisture, condensation and humidity. Although our inks are water resistant, water can still cause damage. A water drop on the print will be permanently visible even when dry.
  • If possible, allow a few days for your print to breathe and the inks to dry completely before framing.
  • Select only archival (acid-free) frames. Wood frames treated with chemicals or paints can omit harmful gases that can attack the ink and paper.
  • Providing you keep your print free of dust, moisture and direct sunlight, it should last for many years.