Sunbrellas In The Sand

SKU: SOSYA1701 Collection: Available Size: Created: 2017
Series: Eastern Beaches
Location: North Bondi, Sydney

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A familiar summer pastime and virtual right of passage in Australia is to visit the beach, where bathers are constantly entertained by a dynamic abundance of activity. This work portrays the complex and ceaseless nature of the sea, the sun and its shadows, the unique colours, shapes and textures of which are magnified by the fashions, customs and sheer variety of activities being undertaken by the beachgoers. Life at the beach is a place which pushes boundaries, responds uniquely to our world, and is both extraordinarily dynamic and personal. The beach itself has its own physical partitions being positioned between the sea and the promenade, but even on the sand, bathers respect a random, geometric buffer zone between their own ‘personal’ space and others. Rarely is attention consciously given over to this dynamic arrangement of space unless the ‘invisible boundaries’ are encroached upon by proximity, noise or roguishness.