Riviera Sunbrellas

SKU: SEFRA1004 Collection: Available Size: Created: 2010
Series: France
Location: Cannes, France

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 While working aboard “Seabourne Legend” for 14 days as a Journey Director in 2010, the city of Cannes in France was on the itinerary. Spending our port days at leisure and being a Cary Grant and Grace Kelly fan, I was keen to seek out the Carlton Hotel where some of Alfred Hitchcocks 1955 thriller ‘To Catch A Thief’ was filmed. I found the hotel then soonafter wheeled around to gaze offshore, and was confronted by a maze of beige beach sunbrellas, which extended seaward on the pier. The sunbrellas were packed so tightly as to resemble a geometric carpet that completely smothered the sand, while in the azure sea beyond, cruiseships and a plethora of maritime activity danced across the scene.