Central Station

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Series: Sydney
Location: Sydney, NSW

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‘Central’ as it popularly known, is a heritage-listed railway station located at the southern end of the central business district in the City of Sydney. Various forms of public transport have radiated from this site since 1855, and the station is the largest and busiest railway station in New South Wales, providing a major transport hub for rail, light rail and bus services. The building is situated to dominate its surroundings and to mark the importance of the railways that service the city and the state. The commanding structure with large areas of open space sloping away from the central arch creates a clear vista of both the concourse and the vaulted roof space, the centre of which is glass covered, filling the entire building with light. Here the scene is not one of solitude or reverence, but of movement. It is a place where one feels excitement, for journeys completed or for journeys about to unfold.